Lead Pedal Media Helps Celebrate Truckers

Canadian National Trucking Week begins September 5th until September 11th and the United States Trucking Week happens September 12th to 16th. This is a time to say thank you to all members of the trucking industry whether behind the wheel or not.

Thank you for keeping our shelves stocked!

We will be celebrating with some of our sponsors during that first week. Some events are public and others private, but you can listen to all on our radio station.

The Schedule

Tuesday September 6th – 2-6PM

Chrome Supply Warehouse -DriverVerified

Wednesday September 7th – 12PM-4PM

Bison Transport – Mississauga Ontario

Friday September 9th – 12PM-4PM

Rims Transport – Hamilton Ontario

Giveaway winner

About the Tour

The tailgate tour stops at various locations talking with drivers and industry professionals. We give away swag, feature trucks, broadcast live from the radio shows. Learn about the Lead Pedal Tailgate Tour here. #leadpedalmedia #leadpedalradio #leadpedaltailgatetour