Road Safety and the New Truck Driver

Our industry is changing and will continue to do so as we move into a technological age. Technology is only one issue and right now not our most important issue. Road safety is our most important issue and as we bring in more new drivers to the industry we have to get back to basics to get back to safe roads.

Every time we talk about the old days of trucking we get people who tell us the industry has changed too much and those days are gone. We may have been a little wilder with less regulations, but our safety record was actually better than today. Safety is going the wrong way despite more training and information. Drivers who have been driving for decades are hanging up the keys due to a total disregard for road safety.

Safety comes hand in had with the other skills needed on the road. Things like trip planning, courtesy, and a passion for the industry all change the dynamics on the road. Trip planning takes trucks off the road in heavy traffic conditions. Courtesy keeps a driver out of the way of other drivers, and a passion for the road will help you be the professional that you should be.

On the podcast this month we are going to tackle some of those issues. We are going to talk about training programs, finishing programs, and what makes the professional driver. We all need to do our part to make our roads safer and The Lead Pedal Podcast will help on our end by helping with some information to educate the new driver through our podcast episodes.

Being a professional driver is more than being someone who holds the steering wheel and driving down the road. Professional truck driving is about making decisions and earning the respect of other motorists. Which lane you travel in to how you interact with other motorists all play a factor in becoming a professional driver. Let’s get our industry back on track and be the professional drivers that we need in our industry.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is the host and producer of The Lead Pedal Podcast. A former truck driver for over 25 years and now media entrepreneur for the trucking industry covering events and promoting a positive outlook of the industry. His podcast is a leading Canadian podcast helping new truck drivers and owner operators have successful careers. You can listen to the daily podcast on your favourite podcast platform or at