Great Canadian Truck Show – 5th Lead Pedal 1000 Tour Stop

As you know in June 2023 The Lead Pedal Podcast reached 1000 episodes which is extremely rare in the podcast world. Part of the celebrations has been to attempt to get 1000 photos from fans over 10 tour stops. The IOWA 80 Truck Show was to be our 5th tour stop but since we cancelled that show the Great Canadian Truck Show moved into that spot. We would like to say thank you to all of our fans for your support and help us get to our goal of 1000 pictures of fans by coming by and saying hello at the shows. Our next tour stop is the Big Rigs Show in St. Thomas Ontario August 18th. Watch the Recap of the show in the video below.

Listen to the full recap of the show here

Video Recap

Photos from Fans in the fan zone

About the Lead Pedal 1000 Tour

The Lead Pedal Podcast has reached a major milestone of 1000 episodes on June 5th 2023. In celebration of the milestone we are launching the Lead Pedal 1000 Tour so that we can include our fans, supporters, sponsors, and listeners. Learn more about the tour and how you can be involved at