Rosedale Transport Prepares Drivers for RoadCheck 2023: Lead Pedal Media

Rosedale Inspection Blitz

It’s not the first time that Lead Pedal Media has attended Rosedale Transport’s Internal RoadCheck. Rosedale Transport is one of the safest fleets on the road and their inspection process has a lot to do with it. RoadCheck starts on May 16th 2023 and for the next 72 hours trucks will inspected at scales across North America. Rosedale Transport has already been pulled in a number of times and passed with flying colours, but they are not resting on their laurels.

Summary Video

Every year the team at Rosedale travel to various terminals the week before RoadCheck and perform random inspections on drivers as they leave the yard. One team member checks documentation, one walks around the truck, and one handles driver documentation, preparing the driver for RoadCheck. It’s that level of detail that makes this a great fleet. If the team find any issues with drivers or their equipment they are sent to a second yard next door to the distribution terminal to have the repairs done immediately. As a media entrepreneur I am always impressed with fleets that go above and beyond to ensure they are safe on the road. Way to go Rosedale!

Photos from the 2023 Inspection Blitz

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