Lead Pedal Media Raises Funds Through Trivia for Trucker’s Fund and TFAC

Every Monday night Lead Pedal Media plays trivia games for charity organizations. It started as a way to connect with fans and has grown into a weekly event that has raised money for various charities. In the month of April we played for two different charities.

St. Christopher’s Truckers Relief Fund is a U.S. organization that helps trucking families with medical bills in a time of need on both sides of the border. They held a benefit concert and through our trivia game raised enough for a couple of tickets which we drew for fan club members. Congrats to Kelly Mack McCoy for winning those tickets. Learn more about the organization here

We also played for Trucking for a Cure to help them raise money for cancer awareness. Over the last couple of months we have raised $100 for the cause through the games. It may not seem like much but it is ongoing and will continue to build. Learn more about Trucking for a Cure here.

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