Lead Pedal Show Helps New Musicians


Did you know about the Lead Pedal New Song Showdown? This show helps new artists or artists with new music get their music on the radio. When we started Lead Pedal Radio we began to get music sent to us on a regular basis. We didn’t have a chance to listen to all of the music, so we decided to start a show to listen to the music together.

How does the show work?

We receive music by email from artists, labels, or producers. The music goes into a show folder and when we have enough for a show we air the show which is roughly every second Thursday. We play the songs and talk about the artist based on the information they have sent.

Below is a sample of the show featuring artist Damien Escobar

Show sample

What do you need to send in as an artist or label?

  • Send in your professionally mastered song in mp.3 format
  • Send artwork in square format if not embedded in song best size is 1080×1080.
  • Preferred genres include country, rock, reggae, or pop. We do reserve the right not to air music that doesn’t fit our station.
  • Send in information about yourself like what inspired the song, information about your band, and website.
  • Send your information to our email leadpedalpodcast@gmail.com
About Lead Pedal Radio 

Lead Pedal Radio combines our love of trucking, classic cars, and music offering a place for those that enjoy the those industries industry to come together. The station plays music about and for the people on the road. Listen to stories from the road while we showcase amazing music from all genres allowing for interesting and entertaining programs with a trucking theme. Learn more at www.leadpedalradio.com