Lead Pedal Radio Reaches Two Years in Business

Time just seems to fly by these days. I don’t know if it has gotten faster since the pandemic has eased or I am just getting older but it seems to fly by. Two years has gone by in an instant!

Two years ago I was trying to figure out how to improve our Lead Pedal Brand. We had started doing live Facebook shows once per month which eventually led to once per week. These live calls were actually updates on the industry and have morphed into our live show trivia show. Not knowing anything about radio I started a radio station, not a radio show, a station! That meant 24/7 programming right out of the box. We spent a lot of hours trying to get it to work and even two years down the road we are still tweaking and trying to make it better. It allowed us to help others by offering them an opportunity to create their own shows and involve our community with live events. We even gave away turkey dinners to fans of the station. When we started we knew two things, we wanted the programming to be informative and entertaining, and we wanted to play the best trucking music around.

Check out our first video for Lead Pedal Radio

Here we are two years down the road. We are adding shows all the time and have given musicians a place to introduce their music and for them to find their voice with shows like In The Studio and New Song Showdown. We have given others a chance to create their own shows and brands with the SoFX Radio Show, Basement Dwellers, The WOW Show, Not Your Child Road Safety Show, The Dave Rogers Show, and much more.

We have created collaborations with other media professionals in our space such as Trucker Radio and The Trucking Safety Show with Chris Harris and Roland Skinner of Jiggs Dinner. As of 2021 we have started doing live events for our sponsors and major events.

We have added lots of entertaining shows like our Monday night Trivia Game and our Sunday afternoon Tropical Daze Show along with evening comedy shows.

Tropical Daze Show

In two years we have a great lineup of talk shows, music shows, and nightly entertainment. We keep trying to improve things for our listeners and supporters and hope you enjoy the programming. If you aren’t sure when things are on take a look at our schedule and join in on your favourite show. We now even have our own App called Lead Pedal Media and have been rebranding to make our brand a leading brand in the industry.

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I would like to say thank you for not only supporting us by listening to our station and being part of our community. We couldn’t have done it without you.

About Lead Pedal Media

Lead Pedal Media encompasses five different components. Our Trucking Podcast has over 800 episodes and features interviews with business and career information for truck drivers. Lead Pedal Radio is the entertainment component with music, entertainment, and talk shows for the people that like to drive from truck drivers to car enthusiasts. The Lead Pedal Fan Club has dedicated fans that love the shows and participate in a number of ways from trivia games to on location fun. There is a Lead Pedal Store with products from t-shirts to coffee mugs and the list goes on. All of this is encompassed in Lead Pedal Media. We have a number of ways to help you pump up your brand and event. Learn more about us at www.leadpedalmedia.com