LPR New Song Showdown Features Killin Time Band, Tim Baker, Chris St. John, and Terry Isaiah Johnson


Our new song showdown show features new artist and some older artists when they have new music or we have spots to fill.

On the show tonight we featured new music from Tim Baker and his new song “Some Day.” Chris St.John and his new wedding song ‘I Just Knew” and Terry Isaiah Johnson and the Flamingos with newly released “Friday Night.”

We normally showcase three songs per artist but since we were only sent one from each artist we filled in the show with music from our friends at the Killin Time Band. You can listen to the shows Tuesday and Thursdays at 8:00PM.

Normally there is a new show every two weeks but it depends on when music is sent to us. If you are a musician with music that fits into the genres of country, rock, reggae, or pop then you can send us your music in mp.3 format to leadpedalpodcast@gmail.com

Killin Time Band

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