New Sponsors Join Lead Pedal Media Family


We are excited to announce new sponsors to the Lead Pedal Media Family. We talk about these new sponsors on episode 812 of The Lead Pedal Podcast yesterday so have a listen if you haven’t already.

We would like to welcome new sponsor DriverVerified which is a cool platform allowing truck drivers to upload a profile with items like resumes, awards, pictures, and more. The cool thing is they can send this off to potential employers with the simple click of a button. Employers, Insurance Providers, and more can also verify potential candidates through the system. You can learn more about DriverVerified through the link below.


Our second sponsor is so much new but returning. Liaison Hamilton was a sponsor with us on Lead Pedal Radio 2020-2021 and took a short break. They have now returned with their own show. Liaison Hamilton is a culinary school in Hamilton Ontario helping students be successful in careers such as chefs, restaurant owners, caterers, and more. They will have their own show called Cooking Basics which will include interviews, recipes, and tips on cooking basic foods. Learn about the new show here and learn more about Liaison Hamilton through the link below.


Liaison Hamilton

Please visit our sponsors and listen for more on the podcast and radio shows.

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