Lead Pedal Radio adds Newfoundland Music to line up.


We love interesting music on Lead Pedal Radio and our friends in Newfoundland Canada. We are happy to announce the addition of the Jiggs Dinner Show with Roland Skinner who has been broadcasting for over decade. Roland takes requests from the audience creating a great avenue for music from the Newfoundland area.

What’s a Jiggs Dinner?

For those of you who don’t know, Jiggs’ Dinner – also known as “boiled” or “Sunday” dinner – is a traditional meal that consists of salt beef, turnip, cabbage, potato, carrot, pease pudding, and more often than not, some kind of dessert. (Source Google)

Learn more about Jiggs Dinner – https://www.newfoundlandlabrador.com/trip-ideas/travel-stories/jiggs-dinner-for-beginners

Check out the show

Jiggs Dinner Banner

Jiggs Dinner Show

With Roland Skinner

Sundays – 5:00pm-8:00pm

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