Kelly Mack McCoy Wins Audio Book in Fan Club Draw


Fan club member Kelly Mack McCoy was our latest winner of the fan club draw that happened on April 23rd. Kelly has been a long time supporter of the podcast and fan club member.

Kelly won an audio book of The Ugly One in the Middle by Stan Campbell of Trucker Radio who is supplying our fan club giveaway gifts this month. I have just finished reading the book so I know the audio version will be amazing as the book is an amazing read in it self.

Listen to the interview with Stan to learn more about the book

Kelly is also an accomplished author and supplied audio versions of his book for our February Draws called Rough Way to the High Way which is a novel about a trucker and the different scenarios he encounters on the road.

Listen to the interview with Kelly Mack McCoy about his book

You can get your copies of both of these great books wherever you buy your books or audio books.


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