Zavcor- Professionals of the Highway Tour


Zavcor trucking was one of our stops on the Professionals of the Highway Tour this Summer. We stopped in to talk with drivers, trainers, and others that help the company be successful as a trucking company and training facility. Watch the videos below on the tour stop and you can learn more about Zavcor at

Zavcor Trainers Talk About
Professionalism in the Industry.

Zavcor Trainers

Zavcor Operations Personnel Discuss
Professionalism in the Industry

Zavcor Operations

Zavcor Driver Talks About
Professionalism as a Driver

Zavcor Driver

About the Professionals of the Highway Tour

The Professionals of the Highway Tour is traveling across Ontario and Quebec promoting the professionalism of the trucking industry including the people, equipment, and culture. Interviews with drivers, industry professionals, and businesses throughout the industry. Learn more about the tour here.