The Thompsons-Band of the Month


The Thompsons are an amazing family band located in Southern Ontario Canada. Their music has a special focus on the trucking industry due to a close personal connection through a family member that passed away as a driver. They have been a big supporter of our podcast and now radio show and we have been a huge supporter for them as well. This is why we wanted to feature them this month as our Featured Band. Each month we will feature a band that we play on the station and you will hear much of their music on the station on a regular basis.

I had the chance to sit down with Danny Thompson about the band and the release of their single Country Girl. You can hear the song on Lead Pedal Radio. Learn more about The Thompsons here

Interview with Danny Thompson

Thank you to the Thompson for lending us your amazing music.

all i need promo picture-Thompsons
Check out their single All I Need

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