Rims Transport – Professionals of the Highway Tour

Rims Transport

Rims Transport was part of the Professionals of the Highway Tour in August with a couple of locations. Recruiter John Barry hosted a stop in Guelph Ontario in his home town. On the Guelph stop we talked with John about being an owner operator with Rims Transport and his new role as a recruiter for the company. We even talked about his side business building citizen band radios. Watch the video with John here.

Recruiter John Barry

The next morning we visited their Hamilton location and talked with owner operator Louis about his time as an owner operator and took a look at his impressive truck that we did a photo shoot with in their yard. Have a look at the video below on that tour stop.

Rims Transport-Louis

Thank you to Rims Transport for being part of the tour and promoting professionalism in the industry. You can learn more about Rims Transport at https://transportcorp.com/services/trucking-services/

Photos from the events

About the Professionals of the Highway Tour

The Professionals of the Highway Tour is traveling across Ontario and Quebec promoting the professionalism of the trucking industry including the people, equipment, and culture. Interviews with drivers, industry professionals, and businesses throughout the industry. Learn more about the tour here. https://theleadpedalpodcastfanclub.com/professionals-of-the-highway-tour-2020/