Rosedale Transport – Professionals of the Highway Tour Southern Ontario Section

Rosedale Transport

Our first stop on the Southern Ontario Section of the Tour was Rosedale Transport talking with a number of people over there from drivers to management. Rosedale has always had a very professional team so I wasn’t surprised at the caliber of professionalism, but I was surprised by what the drivers had to say. They were almost like the perfect recruiting posters drivers. Especially Gio who talked about not focusing on the money of a job but in enjoying what you do for a profession first. Have a look at the interviews below and thank you Rosedale for being the professionals you are for the tour.

About the Professionals of the Highway Tour

The Professionals of the Highway Tour is traveling across Ontario and Quebec promoting the professionalism of the trucking industry including the people, equipment, and culture. Interviews with drivers, industry professionals, and businesses throughout the industry. Learn more about the tour here.